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We have a very talented international Elvis Tribute Artist on our team. Sammy J. he has been performing for 15+ years and was the Elvis chosen to perform on the Rockin Ron Cade, Elvis and Friends Show for 10 years. Shows can be a small intimate engagement or a huge concert event. 


This is our flagship show starring WC Gatchel and his puppets. Dedicated to the subject of making better nutritional choices. The story follows the best selling book "The King Who Had Issues" by Samuel Formica. 45 minutes long and can be altered to fit in with any seasonal theme. This show is interactive and designed for preschoolers and elementary students grades kindergarten through 4rd grade. 

All of our bookings are finalized over the phone or by email, so to book WC, simply call us or send us an email. 215.800.8026 wcgatchel@gmail.com

Together we can prevent childhood obesity and type2 diabetes with education and laughter.

Dinosaurs have issues too! This show follows the same format as above but the theme and all the puppets are dinosaurs. A funny and hilarious story about a T-Rex who eats junk food all day long. 

We know it's hard to find programs for the little ones, that's why we developed  "Reading is Fun". WC Gatchel reads a book, could be one of yours, or one that he brings and with the help of a puppet and some magic, WC turns the story into a fun time had by all. 15-30 minutes long and perfect for the littlest members of the school.

The King Who Had Issues
The Dinosaur Who Had Issues
For The Toddlers

Chef WC Gatchel brings his own special touch to magic, lots of original food themed magic. Cookies, ice cream, fruits and veggies ( don't worry there's no mess) and at the end... even a birthday cake is produced. Packed with astonishing magic, hilarious puppet shows, top quality prizes, you can be sure this is a party the children will be raving about for weeks to come!

If your party is for a birthday, we make a huge fuss over the birthday child, where they get to help with the magic (assuming they want of course), They’re made the absolute star of the party!

“The Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program is the go-to program for any parent, teacher, school or children’s organization wanting to talk to children about the effects of bullying