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As a pediatric endocrinologist, I feel very strongly that the message of healthy nutritional choices needs to reach children in many different venues in order to remain for a lifetime. It is imperative to help prevent obesity, and hence, the comorbities associated with obesity.
WC Gatchel brings the book "The King Who Had Issues" to life in a clever and innovative way with an interactive show using puppetry and magic. I have seen it and it's phenomenal!!!

Rita Ann Kubicky, M.D.
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Elizabeth Wilson, Assistant Director Bright horizons Collegeville .
W C Gatchel  - Thank You for sharing your talents with the students of Saint Pio.
The students had a great time, were fully engaged, and entertained for the complete performance. We would highly recommend this show to other school and organization.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!
The Staff of Saint Pio Catholic School


      WC provides the service of a simple, easy to follow, and fun way, the ability for children to escape into a make believe land where they think they are helping WC save the king. At that same time, they are inadvertently and serendipitously learning how to make healthier nutritional choices. It also provides the service of comic relief and laughter which is needed for anyone to lead a healthy and well balanced life (both children and adults)..
Private events - Summer Camps - E.c.E. Programs - Children's Events - Parties - Senior Centers

WC Gatchel & Friends is a live puppet show that features Master Executive Chef WC Gatchel and his adorable entourage of puppets.   It is a fun show for children and not only makes them laugh but encourages participation ... all the while teaching important nutritional tips. 

There is magic too!

We have seen all children, no matter how shy at first, feel compelled to participate because it's too much fun not to.  After the show WC continues the fun by encouraging the children to participate in activities such as coloring, drawing, etc, with their parents and other children. 

The show is inspired by the book "The King Who Had Issues," a best-selling children's book.  The author himself plays the part of the Chef and reads the book to the children with the help of his puppets and their comic antics and endearing comments.  

Mr. Samuel Formica, the author, has been in the entertainment industry for many years in his role as "Sammy J," an Elvis tribute artist, and is also an accomplished artist with works that adorn the walls of people such as former President Bush.   All of that notwithstanding, his real passion has always been to bring fun and laughter to children and to show them the value of real live social interaction. With this show he has certainly accomplished this.

W.C Gatchel came to our center and was amazing!  The children loved the show and were nonstop laughing!  It was definitely a worthwhile summer camp activity!  What was more impressive was how professional, flexible, and punctual W. C Gatchel was.  Not only did I receive all of the required paperwork in a timely fashion but there was also a misunderstanding - on my end - with our start time.  He rearranged his morning to make it work for us!  I was so impressed, thankful, and appreciative.  W. C Gatchel will be a forever partner with our center!