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Author Samuel Formica with Book, The King Who Had Issues

     Samuel J. Formica was born in 1964 in Elverson, Pennsylvania. After serving in the military, he decided to follow his passion for art while working in the restaurant industry as a catering director and event planner for a large global corporation to financially support his craft. He excelled in both areas. In the art world, his paintings began to show up in private and corporate collections, museums, and have been published in many books and art magazines.


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     At the age of 52, he decided to leave the stressful corporate world and begin writing children's books, one of his lifelong dreams. Relying on the many years of food knowledge and training, and with the increase in the epidemic of childhood obesity, he decided that the main topic of his first book, The King Who Had Issues, would be nutrition.  

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     Once the book was published in June 2016, he stepped it up a few notches by creating a unique, live, interactive show in which he brings his book to life by playing the part of the main character, Chef WC Gatchel. Using the ingredients of comedy, magic and puppetry, the WC Gatchel & Friends Show travels to preschools, elementary schools, daycares, libraries and other venues to spread the message of making healthy nutritional choices to children in a fun and entertaining way. 

     The author is currently illustrating his second book and expanding the brand of the WC Gatchel and Friends Show by producing YouTube videos and weekly cartoons. He is consistently improving and mastering his show with each and every performance, striving for excellence in all of his endeavors. Today Samuel lives in Philadelphia, PA where he enjoys spending time with his son and the opportunity to create the life of which he has always dreamt of. 

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Together we can prevent childhood obesity and type2 diabetes with education and laughter.