Roxborough hosted a book-centered program today featuring Samuel Formica as W. C. Gatchel, chef to the king from the book, The King Who Had Issues.  Mr. Formica’s program was a blend of comedy, magic, puppetry, and audience participation.  Our audience consisted of a wide range of ages from babies to fifth graders and all were engaged as Chef Gatchel encouraged healthy eating habits. 
If you want to encourage healthy eating habits in a highly entertaining way then this is the show for you.

 Teresa Glover, Children’s Librarian
Roxborough Library
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Based on the best selling children's book,"The King Who Had Issues".

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   The show solves the problem of boring nutritional classes or exercises. When this show is viewed, almost in an automatic way, the audience is uplifted and inspired by helping WC help the King. The audience gains the skills and knowledge to make simple changes for themselves as well as laughing and enjoying the puppetry and magic. 

A Totally New

​Children's Show

Thanks again for coming and presenting to our school. We enjoyed you and the program. I teach Pre K 3 and my students were truly engaged during the entire program. I would highly recommend this program for other schools and audiences.
Thank you again,
Janine Massi

​St Pio Catholic School

Private events - Summer Camps - E.c.E. Programs - Children Events - Parties - Senior Centers
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